Ways to Increase Efficiency During Link Building!

Are you in the middle of a link building campaign? Perhaps you would like to start one but are afraid of all the tedious work that comes along with scaling up your efforts? Or perhaps, you have just started a link building service but you are having trouble getting your foot in the door.

I was surfing through the net to find the way how can I increase the efficiency of the links that I create for myself ans for my clients, when I came across this site where they mentioned quite a few many tips to increase the efficiency of links. Out of those I chose 4 points that I found really impressive when it comes to managing your links.

So to give back to the community here are the methods for making sure you are keeping all the data necessary up to date and in real time:-

  1. Organize your email – and use software that can combine many accounts: Many people that are doing link building use pen names. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, as long as the quality in the content is there and everything is done with good intent. Besides, people have a right to not want their name all over the Internet.
    However whether you are using a pen name or just different accounts to do all of your link building it is best to organize your emails into folders. One thing that is very helpful is organizing them into labels with them being things like Link Accepted, Link Rejected, Under Review, Awaiting Article, Communicating, Resources, Fee Included, and Scheduled. This will help you to save a lot of time going through your email. Using software, like Thunderbird, will combine your emails and help prevent the annoyingness of having to log in and out of different email accounts every 5 seconds.
  2. Use relationship management software: When you start link building on a large scale, there are a lot of tedious things that you will have to do on a daily basis. Third party software can help with the management of this by automating the data entry process. Everything you need to keep track of in terms of the websites you come in contact with. Software like this can automatically keep track of things like page rank, IP address, email address, other contact information, email history, as well as many other things that will help with your work-flow that can be manually plugged in.
  3. Use collaborating software: Link building always goes a lot smoother when you are working with someone else, whether it is a business partner or someone that you have hired. Using internal collaborating systems can help your work-flow stay organized and methodical by providing task lists, being able to set milestones, record information in databases, set up projects, and overall increase efficiency when working with other people.
  4. Focus on quality rather than quantity: Stay engaged with each and every single article that you write. Writing when you are not “feeling it” or when you have nothing to say is actually counterproductive, and when you have a lot of unused content floating around things can start to get very messy. Hiring a content writing service may be a good idea – as long as they can provide the type of quality that you need.Having a file sharing program, like drop box, can help organize your content. The good part about this is that the people you are working with can have access to it as well. You can make sure that each piece of content you write is high quality as you will be able to overview every article with your own two eyes. And post-Panda, quality content is now more important than ever.
    Do let me know your views on this