Spector 360 Solutions

Spector 360 has been purpose-built to address productivity, ethics, security, and compliance concerns by monitoring the “human aspect” of computer and Internet usage across your entire organization

Enforce Acceptable Use Policy

If your company does not have an Acceptable Use Policy, now is the time to put one in place. An Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) serves multiple purposes. It spells out your policies clearly, so that your employees know what is acceptable or not. In this document, you disclose that the organization has the right to monitor activity on company provided devices and on the company network.
Make sure all employees receive a copy your AUP, and acknowledge that receipt—either in writing during their onboarding, or more ideally every time they logon via a click through a recommended outline of the components and characteristics of an Acceptable Use Policy template. We recommend that your Legal department review and make any necessary changes.

Identify Insider Theft

Most employees believe that digital theft is extremely difficult to detect. Furthermore, they believe that if they contribute to something at work they are entitled to a copy of it. If an employee thinks that they can copy a proprietary or confidential document to removable media, or print it without detection, they will do so. The risk of this activity is the highest in the days leading up to the employee’s resignation. In an unmonitored environment your assets and proprietary, confidential information are at a huge risk for digital leakage.
Activities such as frequent access to removable media, unusually high printer usage, or unusually high volumes of email with attachments can be indicative of digital theft. From the Spector 360 high-level view, quickly identify the employees who are performing these activities and then drill down to see if the corresponding data is company related.

Employee Investigations

Spector 360 monitors computer user activity around the clock. It offers powerful reporting features, detailed screen snapshot capabilities and easy-to-use reporting tools let management perform their own investigations by gathering pertinent information to better understand what someone said or did on a computer, in the context it occurred. This information is securely archived and can be accessed/reviewed remotely only by any authorized user.
Spector 360 removes the burden placed on IT during an investigation by eliminating the manual sifting through email trails or browser histories on a user’s desktop to produce what is, at best, an incomplete report.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Archival of certain transactions are required for a company to achieve most Federal, Industry, or Agency compliance requirements. Because Spector 360 is continually monitoring and capturing computer and Internet activity, IT and management can quickly conduct an archive search on all email sent or received with precise granularity, such as all inbound email from a specific domain with attachments. No tedious tracing of log files, browser histories or email backups.
Spector 360 can also alert IT and management to exposed confidential information as it traverses your systems, either in email or web mail, file transfers, or via the act of copying or moving a file or directory. The bottom line is that Spector 360 provides you with the tools and flexibility to increase productivity, security and achieve compliance, without placing additional burden on the IT staff within your organization.