Spector 360 Recon

Balance Your Corporate Security Concerns With Employee Privacy Considerations

  • Why Spector 360 Recon?

    The increase in Insider Threats like IP theft, fraud, and hacktivism requires increased focus on the activity of the insiders themselves.

    Traditional security solutions are focused on perimeter defense, and cannot address situations where authorized access is used in an unauthorized way.

    Organizations looking for a better way to combat insider threats also want to maintain employee privacy whenever possible.

    A new approach is required…one that enables companies to balance privacy and security—Spector 360 Recon.

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Who uses SpectorSoft?

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    228 Fortune 500 Clients

    Large enterprises leverage SpectorSoft’s visibility into digital activity to reduce their risk, strengthen corporate governance, and conduct more efficient and effective investigations.


  • 36,000+ Global Customers

    Business large and small in 113 countries use SpectorSoft solutions to protect their digital assets, uncover unacceptable workplace behavior, and improve security against insider threats.


    22 Industries

    SpectorSoft creates business solutions suitable for use in a wide range of industries, for a wide range of use cases. Whether you are working to safeguard customer data, seeking to protect IP, or needing to comply with regulatory mandates, SpectorSoft can help.


This is the first solution I have seen that can help companies ferret out and deal with insider threats effectively—without locking everything down so tight that productivity is impacted.”

Alan Shimel, CEO, The CISO Group