Product Demonstrations

Spector 360 is the most complete solution available for monitoring and investigating corporate-owned computer usage and network activities. View our product demonstrations below to see how Spector 360 can be used to detect unacceptable employee activities in your company:

  • Product Overview Demonstration

    View the Spector 360 centralized employee monitoring solution in action.

    This demonstration provides an overview of Spector 360, including how it helps you solve typical business problems, its key features and benefits, and detailed scenarios regarding monitoring and investigating unacceptable employee activities

  • [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”0N4j8eJWs08″ width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″][/video_lightbox_youtube]

  • Recording Demonstration

    See how each one of the powerful recorders in Spector 360 can help your organization.

    Spector 360 delivers unmatched recording capabilities that capture every detail of what your employees do on company PCs and Macs. This demonstration gives you a detailed look at how each of these powerful recorders can work for you.

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  • Internet Filtering & Employee Monitoring Demonstration

    Find out how Spector 360 combines advanced Internet Filtering with its award-winning Employee Monitoring capabilities, to deliver the world’s most complete solution for stopping PC, Mac, and Internet abuse in your organization.

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