Improve Productivity. Increase Profits.

Can you afford not to know how much lost productivity is costing your organization?

  • Assessing how productive an employee is has become complex. Omni-present distractions like social media, work-life balance, the evolving workday, and more employees working from home make it hard to know who is getting the job done and who isn’t. You need a way of understanding what is normal and what is excessive when it comes to non-work related activity.

  • Reduce Workplace Distractions

    Misuse of the Internet in the workplace has escalated into a multi-billion dollar problem for businesses each year.

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  • Improve Efficiency

    Lack of visibility into employee workflow leads to missed opportunities for improvement, inefficiencies, and lost profits.

  • During reviews, thanks to Spector 360 recordings, we can have managers critique employee work habits. Spector 360 provides us with a great measure of work skills and habits.

    Jane Terry, CEO, Ajax Boiler
  • The Solution


    We collect detailed user activity and behavior data from across the communications and online fabric of your organization


    Our unique Total Time – Focus Time – Active Time approach provides true intelligence into employee activity


    With dozens of out-of-the-box reports, an easy-to-use dashboard, and powerful and intuitive video style playback, getting answers is fast and easy.

    Improve productivity by implementing an employee-monitoring program designed to provide accurate, timely, and reliable reporting that helps address problems before they negatively impact the bottom line.

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