15 Basic yet very effective Link building methods. Newbies Friendly!

Ranking your site is all about building quality along with quantity backlinks to your site. If you can control your link building techniques and know what exactly you are doing, you will make lots of money from your site.

I have seen many newbies diverting themselves from basics of link building and moving more towards spamming. Spamming does work but only if your base of links you have built is strong and to build a strong base of links your basic link building should be strong enough. I am sure these points must have been discussed here before so many time, still I am putting them all together in this thread to make it convenient for people who hate hitting search button. 

  1. Article Marketing :- Most common way to get back links, though many seo experts are debating on new google algorithmic changes and google not giving much value to links been build through article marketing. But still posting high quality articles to multiple high PR sites will give worth to your efforts by giving link back to your site. You can use this as pre-selling to your potential customers before bringing them to your site.
  2. Directory Submissions :- There are many free directories available on net where you can submit a link to your web site. Though these directories will take some time before they approve your submission but every link is important and good for our site specially when its coming free.  Here is a list of approx 3k free web directories:-Free Web Directories
  3. Social Bookmarking :- Social bookmarking sites are mostly used to index your links quickly. But they are also very effective when it comes to drag targeted and high traffic to your site. Its highly recommended to bookmark the urls of your site which contain quality and unique content to high PR bookmarking sites as this will attract traffic on to your site. If you looking to bookmark urls in bulk, as it will be tiring and boring to do them manually, you can always take help of bookmarking tools available.
  4. Forum Profiles :- Forum profiles plays vital role in site’s ranking if done correctly. Most people just creates a profile and leave the link in it which reduces the links efficiency. Rather we should create account on forums related to our site, leave the account for weeks time and then post the content in the forum with link to our money site in the content. This link will give more link juice to your site as it is made with relevant content and will look less spamy.You can do this work manually however there is a software called sick submitter which can do this job as you can add your own custom list in that tool. So you can add your own list everytime according to your site niche.
  5. RSS Submissions :- RSS submission to RSS directories is another good technique to get backlinks and traffic to your site. If you have an HTML page, still you can create RSS feed by using free RSS feed creation service like links2rss.com. Once RSS feed is created you can submit them to RSS directores using many free or paid services available on net. You can find the list here:-
    Free RSS DirectoriesYou can also use tools senuke x and sick submitter to do this for you.
  6. Content Syndication :- We always tend to over see the simplest things that can get us good number of “FREE” links and traffic to our money site. Submit your blog’s RSS feed to ping.fm which will then send your updates to other high PR pinging sites returning you links and traffic to your site.
  7. PDF Distribution :- Very uncommon method of getting laser traffic is writing 5-10 pages ebook or you can even convert your article into pdf format with your links in it and distribute them to ebook directories. Very easy and effective way of getting traffic to your site. You can add your ebooks for free to these directories :-
    Free Ebook Directories.
  8. Web 2.0 Properties :- As far as back linking is concern web 2.0 sites plays very important role. Add unique content to these sites with an anchor text containing link to your money site. The most important point of these sites is that you can spam them heavily with xrumer or scrapebox with out fearing of getting your money site penalized. For instance you have added unique content to these sites pointing to your money site, then you can do xrumer and scrapebox blast on these buffer sites and eventually link juice will flow to your money site as well.
  9. Blog commenting :- Manual blog commenting is very important for your rankings in search engine. You need to search blogs related to your niche in google and post a comment relevant to the topic on that blog and leave your link in it with your Anchor text. Posting a relevant comment will increase your chances to get approved. You can even use scrapebox to scrape blogs related to your niche.
  10. Press Releases :- The idea behind the press release is to sound professional and formal. Writing style of press release is different from article writing and is more of public announcement types. There are many free Press release submission sites available on net, just search on google and you should be good to go. How ever if you looking for paid service then PRweb is a nice option to be considered. Paid Press release would definitely gt you more exposure as compared to free one.
  11. Guest Post :- again most commonly practiced method of back linking. Beneficial for both blog owners and people who promoting their web sites. Blog owner gets unique and quality content and you get one way backlink to your site.
  12. Yahoo answers :- Answer sites like yahoo answers, ehow etc are always helpful in attracting traffic to your site. Post in the section related to your site leaving link back to your site will act as referral for people reading your answers.
  13. Google Images :- Google images are important source of traffic to your site, so when ever you add image to your post on your web site, always mention alt tag and add link of your site to the image. Once your image is indexed by google, it will send you decent amount of traffic.
  14. Youtube :- Have you ever noticed that when we search of any product or service and if we see any video ranked on top positions we tend to watch that video. This is the main idea behind this, next time you think of creating video and uploading them to youtube, watermark that video with your site url and add link to your site in description as well. Though google won’t index your link but it will help you get traffic to your site once your video get ranked.
  15. Automated blog comments/Xrumer Blast :- As I mentioned in the starting, spamming is effective if done in right way. If you have got these tools and you know how to operate them, then never spam your money site directly if you really love your site. Rather take all the buffer sites like web 2.0, profile links etc and spam them with xrumer/scrapebox. In this way you will get the link juice of these links created but you won’t be penalized by google for spamming. Most of these links will get deleted or won’t be indexed so we always we create these link in thousands.
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