Spector CNE Investigator Features

  • Screen Playback


    See the world through your employee’s eyes

    The proof you need, exactly when you need it

    By default, Spector CNE Investigator captures screen snapshots every 30 seconds. It can be configured to take snapshots more or less frequently, when keywords you specify are detected, and during key events—such as when a program is opened, when certain keys are pressed, a web page loads or on clicks of a mouse.

    Play it back, like your DVR

    Because screenshots are taken continuously, you can easily replay activity before, during and after the action in question. This provides you with objective proof and context around questionable activity.

    Export it and take it with you

    Screen snapshots can be exported as individual BMP or JPG graphic files. Multiple snapshots can be exported together as an AVI video file.

  • Web Activity

    Get detailed visibility into exactly what your employees are doing on the internet

    This isn’t your father’s web history

    Significantly more sophisticated than browser history, Spector CNE Investigator records and maintains information about web activity including:

    • Page title of website
    • Categorization of the type of websites
    • Total, Active, & Focus Time on websites
    • Total number of visits to websites
    • Time of last visit

    See what’s on their mind

    Web searches are the best way to understand what your employee is thinking about.  Is it work-related or are they shopping for shoes? Searches are split out from web page visits to allow you to see exactly what they are interested in.

  • What’s coming into your network?

    Spector CNE Investigator also tracks every file and program download that occurs over the Internet (such as file/music swapping services, software download sites, pornographic images, etc.), keeping you informed of inappropriate content, potential malware and unauthorized applications.

  • how much time they’re really taking

    Having Facebook open for 8 hours—is it a problem? You can’t tell just by looking at how long the browser was left open. In addition to you how long the web browser was open, Spector CNE Investigator also informs you how much time the web browser was in the foreground as well as how much time the employee spend interacting with it.

  • Email Activity

    Visibility into all corporate and webmail-based email

    Every email, regardless of platform

    Spector CNE Investigator captures and stores email from corporate email platforms, such as Exchange and Lotus Notes, as well as webmail sources like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, ensuring you see what information is coming in and going out.

     A Permanent archive of the conversation

    All email sent and received are archived, including attachments, creating a permanent record of all email, even when the employee deletes their copy.

    See behind encryption

    Because Spector CNE Investigator records at the employee’s computer, even email sent behind SSL encryption is visible, ensuring you see every email.

  • Chat & IM Activity

    See both sides of computer-based messaging

    All major chat apps…and more

    Spector CNE Investigator supports over a dozen of the most-used messaging applications including:




    Windows Live Messenger

    Flexible enough to include your own

    The Chat/IM recorder can be configured to include custom ports to support capturing message activity on additional or proprietary chat applications.

  • Document Tracking

    Keep tabs on where they come from and where they go

    Know what’s uploaded and downloaded

    Not knowing what’s entering and leaving your company’s network is like leaving the front door wide open—open to data leaving the organization and malware being introduced into it.

    Uploaded files can contain sensitive information and files downloaded from peer-to-peer sites can fill your network with pornography, pirated music, video or software, as well as files filled with spyware, adware, or viruses.

    Spector CNE Investigator records every file transferred across the Internet by monitoring HTTP, FTP and P2P file transfers. It records the filename, protocol, application, type of file, the date and time of the transfer and more to keep you informed of exactly what’s coming in and going out over the network.

    Every document…documented

    When files are copied to USB, DVD, CD-R, even floppy or Zip drives, and when files are printed, Spector CNE Investigator keeps track of every last detail about who is accessing documents and what they do with them.

  • Application Activity

    Know when they’re working and what they’re working on

    Every application, every detail

    The moment an application is launched, Spector CNE Investigator begins to track the application name, launch time, the number of times it’s been opened, window title and more.

    Are they working or not?

    It’s one thing to open an application, it’s completely another to actually be working within the application. Spector CNE Investigator differentiates the Total Time an application is open (from launch to close), from Focus Time (the amount of time the application window is in the foreground) from Active Time (the amount of time there is keyboard and mouse activity within the application) to give you a true sense of who is—and isn’t—working.

  • Network Activity

    Look at user activity from the network’s perspective

    Network events made simple

    Spector CNE Investigator takes all the technical know-how usually required with network monitoring and simplifies it down to the details that are most important to you. With each network event, Spector CNE Investigator records:

    • Name of the program that established the network connection
    • Start and end time of event
    • Protocol used for connection
    • Domain name where connections were made
    • IP address of the target connection
    • Port used for the connection
    • Number of connections during the event
    • Number of bytes sent during the event
    • Number of bytes received during the event
    • Duration of the event

  • Keystroke Activity

    Record every last key and never miss a thing

    Not just what was typed

    In addition to recording each key pressed, Spector CNE Investigator associates the keystrokes to the user, the application used, the title of the window, the date and time the event occurred and more.

    Passwords or not…your choice

    Some employers don’t want to accidentally obtain the passwords for their employee’s personal accounts. Spector CNE Investigator can be configured to not capture passwords, enhancing employee privacy.

Activity Alerts

Know what’s happening as it happens

  • Real-time Alerting

    Because you suspect someone of inappropriate behavior, reaction time is critical. Spector CNE Investigator notifies you via email alert when these actions occur.

  • Contextual Alerting

    Using specified keywords, multiple sources (such as email, websites, applications, keystrokes, and window captions) are scanned. Should a keyword match be triggered, Spector CNE Investigator notifies you which keyword alert was triggered.

  • Detailed Reviewing

    Because you’re concerned about these events enough to be notified, Spector CNE Investigator can be configured to increase the frequency of screen snapshots around this event, providing you with even greater ability to review the Screen Playback.

  • Web Filtering

    Allow the activity you want—block what you don’t


    You can specify what websites you want to block or allow, narrowing down what your employees can access on the Internet. A list of domains can be imported, making it easier to manage.


    Messaging can be blocked, as well as specific combinations of contact names and chat/IM providers can be either blocked or allowed.

    Internet Access

    If you desire, you can block the entire Internet or just parts of it. Spector CNE Investigator makes it easy to define exactly what Internet traffic you want to block, based on predefined Internet functions (such as email or website traffic) or custom network ports you define.

Ready to start your investigation?

  • Get Accurate Evidence

    Spector CNE Investigator automatically records all computer activity, creating a record that can be used as evidence in civil and criminal litigation.

  • Remotely Deploy & Manage

    Spector CNE Investigator’s invisible agent can be remotely deployed to your Windows and Mac clients silently.

  • Keep Your Data Secure

    Recordings are centrally encrypted, stored and password protected, ensuring only appropriate eyes access and view the data.